Saturday, August 22, 2015

What Do You Want To Read?

I have quite a few posts partially written and want to give YOU the chance to decide what I post next. Below is a poll with some of my work-in-progress posts and their associated tags in parenthesis, so click on the ones you like and I'll get to typing. ;)

Which Post Do You Want To Read Next?

RE: Favorite Commercials of 2015 (meesh responds, television)
RE: It Can Wait (meesh responds, technology, television, texting)
RE: Electric Vehicles for Everyone, Not Just the Elite (meesh responds, technology)
RE: Why we need negative book reviews (meesh responds, books, review)
RE: Millennial Lowdown (meesh responds)
Five Fictional Women (fandom, feminism, inspiration, women)
Panic At the Children's Desk (library life)
Review of The Clone Wars (fandom, feminism, inspiration, review, television)
Review of Cinderella (movies, review)
Girls in gaming... or something (gaming, video games)
Millenials & Pacific Rim (fandom, meta, movies)
Conference Round Up: TLA 2015 (after action report, conference, library life)
Leadership Lies (advice, leadership, library life)
Review of Welcome to Night Vale (podcast, review)
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